Recovery Coaching


Recovery Coaching is a powerful alliance where you will be treated with the respect and consideration you deserve. Addict is a label, and you are not a label. You are a whole person who has simply done the best you can given the biological, emotional, mental, and spiritual circumstances you have been given.  At any time, transformation can take place, and whether you are starting from the beginning or have been in recovery a while, our time together is meant to help you achieve your goals.

During Recovery Coaching you will:

  • Establish where you are at on your journey and implement next steps for creating a foundation that will help you thrive
  • Support you in working through emotions, thoughts, and challenges as they arise
  • Transform deep-seated issues that create and perpetuate addiction
  • Provide accountability and structure for how to integrate what you learn during sessions
  • Improve your sense of self, and from here, make new choices in the world

Recovery Coaching Services Include:

  • Weekly sessions (Skype, phone, and in-person available)
  • Unlimited access to email for support between sessions
  • Very practical homework for continual growth and evolvement (if desired)

In some cases, travel may be arranged to assist you in person if you are not local to San Diego.