The extra support Lesley gave me upon leaving treatment has been priceless to my success.  She is no cookie-cutter-approach type of person, which is a breath of fresh air. Because of our work together, I have been able to walk through things that I never thought possible for myself, and continue to expand my ability to live a thriving life.



Since childhood I have struggled with an anxiety disorder.  I have seen therapists off and on for years and learned a lot about why I developed my disorder, but did not learn any useful tools on how to deal with it. Because of this I learned unhealthy coping mechanisms to stuff my anxiety. I recently had a baby and quickly realized that I had to deal with this anxiety so I can be a better mother to my son.   I had reached out to Lesley for help as I thought that a spiritual approach may be more helpful than what I had tried in the past. Lesley has proven to be a godsend.  She has helped me to get to the root of my issues and taught me skills and tools to move forward in my life.  Due to the work we have done together and her caring, nurturing nature, she has transformed me into a better person and a more present mother.  I am forever grateful that I found her.



Working with Lesley has been instrumental in helping me manage overwhelm and take the steps necessary for me to remain clean and sober. Although I will not claim to be perfect, I have successfully created a solid foundation and am excited to be working with someone who cares so deeply about me and my happiness. Through our time together, I have been able to increase my career productivity, take the next steps in my relationship, and create a beautiful life.



Our first call reconnected me to the hope I had lost. My problem was I desperately needed love and worthiness, but I didn’t know how to connect to those parts of myself. I looked outside myself, specifically to food and relationships with men, to fill the need. This spring and summer, I lost a significant amount of weight and I assumed that would make me feel worthy and loved. I looked better, but inside I felt the same and mostly worse. When I found myself repeating the same patterns of behavior, I became fearful that something was really wrong with me. That fear brought me to Lesley, and I made the best investment I have ever made; I invested in me. Worth.every.penny.

~ V.R.


I have FINALLY been able to feel what it’s like to be accepted 100%, as I truly am without any masks.   My eating disorder told me that I could never let people know the real me, they would think I was weak or broken, and they definitely won’t love or support me. So it was incredibly life-changing to feel safe enough and to be encouraged to show Lesley my true self, my true fears and vulnerability. And it was THAT experience of being accepted when I was at my “worst” that helped me learn to love and accept myself for who I really am. Lesley loved and supported me especially when I was most raw and uncensored. Because of this, my entire life has opened up and I have been able to live in a way that makes me happy in my personal and professional life.

~ Liz


By the time I found Lesley, I had already moved out of my addictive tendencies, but I still had so much pain inside. The work we did was so deep and transformational, unlike anything I have ever experienced!  I felt I got more in one session than I did in months of therapy!



I could no longer find fulfillment from within, had a lack of purpose or belonging and simply wanted more out of life when I met Lesley and decided she was what I was looking for. I was tired of the clinical experience I found in traditional therapy, I wanted something deeper. Deeper was exactly what I got. She taught me how to listen to my deepest needs and desires, to show up for myself emotionally and spiritually. To this day I continue to utilize what I learned and it continues to positively affect my life!  I am a different person because of it.

~ Jen