My darling daughter,
You play too small

The lungs you use to speak carry the wisdom of your grandmothers,
the prayers of civilization, of the Earth’s germination—
it sweats from your skin

The wealth carried within cannot be measured accurately by man,
so take the innocence within you
and prostrate at the beat of her sacred heart

Every prayer you utter is heard
After all, it is from the stars that you have emerged


These words came through me one evening, as I realized just how much power was hidden beneath my conscious awareness. If we can move out of our head and into the currency of our soul, we tap into something steadfast. Something brilliant. Something pure. I found these words to be a prayer of sorts, a homage to the power within all women. A testimony of the possibility created when we offer our prayers up to the Universe. And so with that simple understanding, I invite you to remember them for yourself. I invite you to hold them close.


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