Free Workshop

Write. Speak. Heal.

Poetry for Healing is a transformative writing experience that helps women heal. It teaches you how to stand in your truth, find your inner medicine, and process your emotions by channeling them through art.

This free workshop will guide you through a writing proces that allows you to reclaim your heart and voice so you can become your own healer.

Included within the class:

☑️  Reflective writing
☑️  Poetry/spoken word writing time
☑️  Group sharing (for those who desire)

When: Monday, August 15th

Time: 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm PST
Where: Zoom (there will be a link sent to everyone who registers)

Poetry for Healing:

  • Helps you heal your relationship with yourself and release old stories
  • Helps you tap into the power of your heart and soul
  • Gives you a chance to express authentically
  • Helps you feel seen, witnessed, and heard
  • Alchemizes  in real-time

This workshop is for you if:

  • You are bored with the traditional model of healing and want something new
  • Want to process your “stuff,” without getting stuck in it
  • Crave more self-love (who doesn’t)
  • Want to be witnessed, seen, and celebrated
  • Make art with your life and your healing journey

Poetry for Healing is not just a program for writers or poets, but for all women. All levels are welcome and encouraged to join.

Meet Lesley, Poetess and Guide

Lesley Wirth is an American-born poet, author, and speaker, with a masters in spiritual psychology. She is the creator of Write Yourself Free and Poetry for Healing. Both platforms inspire women to find their voice, stand tall in their imperfections, and heal by bringing spiritual insight to the human experience.  Her work has been featured in yoga studios, healing centers, and trauma centers for women. She is a founding creator at Sol TV and currently teaches Poetry for Healing across the country.

Poetry can be our very own highest self calling us forward. It can be the place our voice finally gets to unleash itself and stand up and shine light on what isn’t okay. It can be the place we expose our tenderness. The place we celebrate the power we hold. It’s all things in whatever way we need, and that is why it’s medicine.

Everything else falls away. All that is left is you, your deep inner-connection and the rhythm. The cadence. The words. The story you must tell. And when you emerge from this meditation of sorts, all that is left is the art and an open heart.

Lesley Wirth