Make no mistake about it, there is wisdom in our journey. There is grace making its way to and through us via the nuances of our life. What we are here to teach, we often have to rise from and through with a conviction that can only come from having to embody it fully. For me, this has come from deeply revering all that is feminine.

My work with women falls within the realms of learning how to hear their guidance, trust their body, and use their voice to carry the message of their deepest truth. To get to this point, I have journeyed the underworld many times over. I have had to move from the protective mechanism I set up as a child, which was to disconnect from my feminine, into bowing to her infinite wisdom. Through this great pathway, I have learned how to use my emotions as guideposts, trust my body’s messages, and speak the truth of my deepest experience, all in the name of self-honor and self-love.

While this process may sound wonderfully elusive, it is simply the practice of moment-to-moment deep listening. As we learn how to attune to the frequencies of the subtle realms and our internal wisdom, we become powerful channels of insight. And of course, in true artist form, I wrote a short poem about it.



Do more
feel less
“Be even-keeled,” the world says

to which I laugh and delight in the power of the feminine within

What a beauty it is to be free
to flow rivers from my eyes
to hear without sound
to feel what is coming
underneath the soil

No, I will not be less of my nature

I will walk gently and remind the world
the feminine is worthy of revering

Open heart


It feels so long ago that these words were so crucial to me. Today, I cannot imagine being any other way. And yet that is how life is, isn’t it? We move through cycles and stages that invite us into embodiment. Each one is sacred and essential to what our soul wants us to claim.  I never imagined all of the constructs I set up to function in the world would have to crumble in order for me to share my heart. I am aware that I am once again in a deep initiation of radical transformation. May we all have the courage it takes to be both soft and strong, as we continue to follow our internal guidance and revere the sacred feminine within.



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