I wrote this poem as a reminder to myself.  My hope is that these words can also inspire you. We all have chapters, and so let’s remember all of the pages are worthy of Love. Even when times are tough, there is something to hold onto. Something to believe in. Perhaps simply knowing that someone else has been where you are, and found the beauty latent within the experience, can be of help to you…


Show me who you are when no one is applauding for you—
when you are not given praises and accolades
Tell me your journey of leaving behind those who meet you with inaccuracy

I want to see your hands when they are wrapped around the confines of your ribs
while you rock back and forth,
asking to keep your heart open

I will smile for your soul

These times may feel heavy, but God, are they beautiful—
a burial of ideas of what it means to be lovable
and a time of forgiving how you cope

picking yourself up again

I invite the world to speak more of these times
lighting candles in reverence
revering the soul
honoring the humans courageous enough to come apart

There is no better or further along-—
this is a great illusion of humans making
spiritual egoism parading
for true awareness lives beyond the duality of
just another human “healing”

Trust your compass, beloved
The Light is revealing


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