Spiritual and creative awakening mentorships are for women who are ready to live in full alignment with their heart and soul.

Lesley is a beautiful light in this world. She is fully present with heart, compassion, and empathy, touching places inside you didn’t know existed. To work with her in your creative expression is to watch your life heal and transform in real-time.

- Scott Brandon Hoffman, Host of The (Mostly) Conscious Late Night Show

I have finally been able to feel what it’s like to be accepted 100% as I truly am, without any masks. Lesley loved and supported me especially when I was most raw and uncensored. Because of this, my entire life has opened up again.

- Liz B., Life Coach

On our first call, Lesley immediately heard and held my pain, turning a light on in the dark. She took up a sword and helped me find my way through. She truly radiates love & acceptance and advocated for me when I needed it most.

- Catherine L., Therapist

1-3 Month Mentorships Available

Spiritual Awakening:

Identify the soul lessons you are here to overcome and begin to heal at the root level.

Learn how to call in Grace and apply its transformational energy to your life.

Deepen your intuition and use it to empower yourself.

Creative Awakening:

Process your emotions through writing and speaking your truth.

Find your voice and stand behind it with confidence.

Channel your life’s experiences into an artistic expression that heals you and others.

Mentorship Application

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