My Story *as poetry*

I believe poetry heals. It has the power to transform the most important relationship in our life: the relationship we have with ourselves….

I began writing poetry during a highly transformative time in my life.  I built temples with my ashes. Stood as Queen,  declaring that mountain my victory. There was a new voice emerging– one that dared to be seen. All the old ideas of who I was supposed to be, slowly dying, releasing. A rebirth that spit flames from the truth inside me.

I discovered my pen was where Spirit and I met. Where creativity could reach me. A prayer of sorts, continuously revealing. Poetry was the place where I sat in integrity with the truth of how I was feeling. No more hiding. Somehow it was here that I discovered the power in my tenderness, anger, and vulnerability. All the things I thought needed changing, became my power, strength, and my now life-long advocacy.

In this process, I became the strongest version of myself I had yet to meet. I sat and wrote, as the cadence was revealed and the words poured through me. In time, I discovered I was being gifted therapy with the deepest place within, my heart and soul were revealing. It was here I learned the truth of what it means to love oneself enough to stop hiding.

As I shared my poetry with others, my only agenda was to let go of caring about how I was perceived. There was a great beckoning inside, that somehow thrived on the excitement of courageous expression, letting my insecurities no longer take hold of me. It was as if my very gift to the world was first making itself known through my own healing. It is in this vein that I revere the lifelong journey. It ultimately took me to find the beauty in the dark and learn from something I call: sacred poetry.