I have lived a thousand lives in forty years. Tiny moments of miracles and deaths. I have known love beyond what I could have imagined, and fallen into the arms of timelessness near a great Master. I have prayed on my knees, weeping, asking to open my heart over and over. To let the men I have loved, go. To stand up in the name of what is right. To fight for my voice, only to then be told I must leave. Victories were written in sand until the ocean swept over, creating a blank canvas for the next phase of awakening.

What has never left me is the drive to walk with integrity. To know the truth and face my face. The days of aspiring to be less of myself have eluded me. A far cry from perfect, my soul forges onward, bringing Light to the darkness when I cannot see.

This is our shared path; so let us remember to extend the hand of compassion, internally and externally. For it is here we stand and greet the aspects that are beautiful, innocent, and in need.  A true testimony of the sacredness latent within our humanity. What a precious gift to learn the heart is where refuge and liberation are not two, but one, and where we can firmly plant our feet. There is a sweetness here. A call back to the understanding that anything painful is also a radical opening. It offers us a chance to come into greater resonance with our soul.
All of this leads me to a poem I wrote some time ago:


Victory does not mean mastering this human thing
that is a lie of our own making
Just keep going
Life is meant for us-
a place of duality where we must dig deeper to find the true meaning
allowing what is to be the greatest teaching

We are always forgetting and remembering
heart contracting and expanding upon its own reckoning
What if that is the important part of living?
Not so much about what we overcome in the traditional sense of healing
but how we lean into what our soul is offering

Can you hear it?
The great beckoning?
It does not have to be easy
This is beauty remembering itself-
Dig deep and breathe
watch as you are set free
My beloved one
there is magic in what is happening


And in that, I send waves of love to all of us doing this human thing!


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