Write. Speak. Heal.

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Write your way into your transformation.

Heal your relationship with you.

Through blending spiritual psychology and creative expression, this interactive four-week program helps women heal through creative expression.  Vulnerabilities are transformed into strengths, shame begins to die, and a quiet, unshakable confidence emerges.

A doorway back into your body, voice, and soul

Poetry for Healing is for the woman who…

Craves a deeper connection with her feminine energy, intuition, and God’s Grace.

Is bored with conventional self-help groups and traditional paths to healing. She wants something that inspires her again.

Aches to be seen, heard and celebrated by a loving community of other women.

A Creative Awakening

Inside the Program

Poetry for Healing is not just a program for writers or poets, but for all women.

✧ Writing Your Poetry

You will learn a process for writing that is not guided by rules, but instead by what you need that day. Therapeutic poetry is energizing. Cathartic. Inspiring. It create a bridge between your head and your heart, and allows you to access your emotions and channel them into art.

✧ Your Relationship with Self

Poetry is a place that wants more of you. More expression. More love. More anger. More truth. This is the place where every single part of you is seen as sacred. Because it is. Finally, you will learn how it feels to stand tall in the wake of your imperfections and shine your light just as you are.

✧ Support through Self and Sisterhood

All women need community to heal. They  need to be seen, witnessed, and heard.  No one heals through isolation, they heal through a safe and powerful connection.  Together, with your sisters, you will write, speak, and heal out loud.

About the Teacher

Meet Lesley, Poetess and Guide

Lesley Wirth is a writer, poet, and spoken word artist. Watch Lesley’s story here.

Using Your Emotions as Your Guide

Learn how Poetry for Healing is different from therapy or traditional healing approaches. Here, we substitute creativity for convention.

Therapy and coaching teach you how to regulate your emotions and calibrate your feelings. But for some people, conventional modalities are not enough.

Writing poetry gives you a permission slip to become more of you. It wants more of your truth. More anger. More love. More joy. More neediness. You will finally experience that your truth is safe to share and that it can be celebrated.

With practice, you will learn how to use writing as a pathway to your soul’s power and healing wisdom.

Conventional Healing
(Therapy, Meditation, or Coaching)

  • Striving to improve yourself
  • Needing to overcome your emotions to be perceived as stable or strong
  • Relying on someone else to analyze you or guide you through exercises or sessions

Healing through Creative Expression (Poetry)

  • Channeling your emotions into art while dropping shame and fear
  • Healing your relationship with yourself through spiritual principles
  • Becoming your own healer
Poetry can be our very own highest self calling us forward. It can be the place our voice finally gets to unleash itself and stand up and shine light on what isn’t okay. It can be the place we expose our tenderness. The place we celebrate the power we hold. It’s all things in whatever way we need, and that is why it’s medicine.

Everything else falls away. All that is left is you, your deep inner-connection and the rhythm. The cadence. The words. The story you must tell. And when you emerge from this meditation of sorts, all that is left is the art and an open heart.

Lesley Wirth

The Poetry for Healing Program

The Embodied States of Spiritual Wisdom

Over the course of four weeks, you will use your creativity to write and speak your truth in a safe and encouraging community of women. You will become your own healer, wisdom-keeper, and liberator, as you heal from the inside out.

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Week 1: Courageous Vulnerability and Self-Trust

  • Learn how to stand tall, even when feeling vulnerable
  • Share your story in a room filled with women who can relate and who will support you
  • Create art with your challenges

Week 2: The Power of Grace

  • Cultivate spiritual muscles for when life isn’t going as planned
  • Opening to Grace and let it take you where you can’t take yourself
  • Using writing to “talk” to God and “hear” God’s guidance

Week 3: The Beauty of the Soul Journey

  • Move beyond judgement and into self-compassion
  • Get out of the self-help trap
  • Truly shift how you see yourself and your life

Week 4: Your Emotions and Your Voice

  • Allow your emotions to work for you instead of against you
  • Reclaim your voice and powerfully speak your truth
  • Move beyond the current narrative on feminine empowerment into something that actually works

What’s Included in the Program:

⍟   Four live 90-min sessions with Lesley and an intimate cohort of women.

⍟   Guided and in-class time for self-reflective writing, poetry, and sharing as a group.

⍟   The option to work with Lesley 1:1 at a reduced rate for further support around your writing/spoken word, creative blocks, or any of the themes covered in the program.

Lesley Wirth, visionary behind Poetry for Healing

Questions about Poetry for Healing

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I’ve never written any poetry before. Is this program right for me?

Poetry for Healing is not just a program for writers or poets, but for all women. The objective of this program isn’t to help you write a book of poetry. You will learn to write for you, not for anyone else, though you can share what you write with anyone you like. The point of the program is to learn the process of creative expression and accessing your inner freedom. If you want to learn how to access your truth and stand behind it, then this program is for you.

When are the program dates and when are the live sessions?

Poetry for Healing dates are determined based on Lesley’s availability and the needs of the organization. Simply email us to talk about your desire to bring Poetry for Healing to your organization.

How much time should I plan to spend on the program?

You get what you put into the program, but women from all walks of life will be able to participate if they can find 1.5 – 2 hours a week. 

The online journey includes four (90-minute) weekly sessions via zoom with myself and a small, intimate group of women. Outside of our live sessions, you will also receive a brief weekly email the morning of the class to help you become familiar with that evening’s topic.

I have other commitments during the program. Will I miss anything?

I strongly encourage you to join us live each week. But if you truly can’t make it, please just join us the following week.

Do I need any special materials, equipment, or software?

Nope! All you need for remote classes is a strong internet connection, a quiet space to join the live calls, a pen and paper, a curious mind, and a heart with the capacity to open wide. In-person events just require a pen and paper!

What is the cost of the program, and is there a payment plan or scholarship?

The tuition is a one-time fee agreed upon between Lesley and the organization bringing the program in to their clients.

What is the refund policy?

There are no refunds.

Lesley’s words and performance brings a sense of connection and invites us all to find deep healing, reaching toward our better selves.

– Joel McKerrow, International performance poet

The Poetry for Healing workshop helped me voice the emotions I had stuffed down and silenced so I could begin to heal. Thank you Lesley for the insights and a group that helps women.

– Marian

Even though I’m not a writer, this process was incredibly powerful and transformative.

– Jaime

As the President of a non-profit that supports survivors of domestic violence, I was thrilled to be able to bring Poetry for Healing to our support group participants. The feedback was overwhelming, as many of them shared parts of their story for the very first time in a way that was profoundly healing. We appreciated the opportunity to work with Lesley on this level!

– Jessica Yaffa, No Silence No Violence