I do not write to be good.

I write to be free.

                                – Lesley Wirth

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My Story

I started to hear guidance in the form of poetry.

One day, I found myself phone in hand, thumbs typing a million miles an hour. Poem after poem poured through. A rhythm came. A cadence. The words followed.

‘How strange,’ I thought. I’m not a poet.

Where is all of this coming from?

I looked down to read the poems back to myself. Deeply touched, I shed a few tears. I could feel their power. It was obvious that I was not writing. I was being written to.

It was as if my Higher Self took over and began to deliver messages in the form of poetry. I couldn’t help but ask, “This is who I am? This is the power I hold?”

My soul had just become my therapist. It’s voice was strong, wise, and loving. It demanded I see myself clearly. It demanded I know my power and beauty. It was bringing me back to the truth when I couldn’t see it.

And this simple, yet profound journey, is how poetry started for me— it literally took over and taught me how to write myself free.


 My Poetry

What others are saying…

Women want to find the path that allows them to take their struggles and turn them into gold. Lesley’s work stakes a claim for women, as humans and souls.

Her poetry tells the tale of the human condition meeting the wisdom of the soul, and the power that arises when a woman chooses herself, be it standing tall or kneeling on her knees through tears.

The author has taken the ashes of her life, built a mountain, climbed it, and stood as Queen. She offers her poetry as a roadmap for others to do the same. The reader realizes it is her own heart she is opening and setting free and her life becomes the doorway into her empowerment.

 New Story

Tell a new story—
not of how hard it was
but instead how you were able to rise

Tell the story of how you mastered
the embodiment of being alive

Tears, cries, rebirthing—
a new awareness lives inside

Tell us how the phoenix never left
and the mother within never died

Show us how you carried yourself smiling
looking deep into those eyes

Tell us about that time you left
bringing light back to your mind

Speak the stories of your victories—
how you climbed with that head held high

Yeah you, I am talking to you—
all souls in human disguise

© Lesley Wirth

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Lesley truly is a healing artist. She is a beautiful writer with tremendous depth, who opens hearts and breathes healing love into them.

– Lilia Birem, Energy Reader and Healer

Lesley’s poems take my breath away, just as Rumi’s work does. Her work is so touching and beautiful words cannot do them justice.

– John Harold Lee, Bestselling Author and International Teacher

Fearless depth, courageous sensitivity, and bold beauty… Lesley Wirth’s work inspires me to create and live in a more poetic way.

– Kelly Sullivan Walden, Dream Expert and Bestselling Author of Luminous Humanness