Several nights ago I had a dream that was direct guidance from my soul. This is not the first time this has happened. In fact, I often have very intense dreams where I am guided in the most magical of ways. Setting the intention before bed to connect to the higher realms is a wonderful practice.

In my dream I was telling a woman that I write to open hearts, mine included. I told her I did not feel one needs to have fancy credentials to make an impact. This is kind of ironic, considering I have a few under my belt! But they had no relevance here. They carried no weight. All that mattered was the love and purity behind the messages I wanted to convey.

At that very moment, a bunch of little girls entered the room. Each one was in a beautiful ballerina outfit. As I looked at them from afar, I noticed they all had an injury to one of their legs. One by one, they were either healed and could dance again, or they simply had to accept their fate and move on with life. There was no emotion, just acceptance. This, in and of itself, is quite the invitation if you think about it. How often do we try to push something or strive toward something that is not our fate? If we sit in true acceptance, what is meant for us will be created with more ease and beauty.

As the last little girl made her way through the line, both of her legs healed, and she blossomed into the most brilliant dancer. Everything about her was so alive and expressed. She was a sight to be seen!

All of a sudden, the scene changed, and another girl appeared. She had on silver leggings, and rather than having an injury to just one of her legs, both were not working properly. She was not able to dance like the others. She was not the one on stage performing. Her dreams were not manifesting. From the outside, it appeared as though she was not much to focus on. After all, she was on the sidelines.

As I dropped into my body and connected with Spirit, there was a powerful message she was bringing forward. I could feel her contentment and power. In fact, she was quite brilliant! It was as if gold lined her insides from years of inner-alchemy. This little being was not a ballerina. No, she was a phoenix in a tiny body. She had risen again and again and again. She did not have what the others had on the outside, but her internal world was one of overcoming and surpassing things they never had to face. She swam depths they never dared to dive into. She was the beauty that cannot be captured. She was bravery and Light intertwined.

God was using her as our guidepost. We were meant to learn from her. She was the truth.

There is a wonderful invitation in this dream for both me and you. This little girl is an example for us. She is the real way-shower. I know this little one’s energy lives within so many people in the world. You are the warriors. Please take a moment to honor this. Take a moment to know that how our brains have been wired to perceive beauty, is not real beauty.

And so with that, I simply want to remind you (and me):

I see the light behind your eyes.

I see the honesty in your tears.

I trust your soul knows the way.

I believe in you.

I honor you.

I love you.


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