The New Model of Healing

I believe women are oracles of insight. Flesh and bone made of light. We are far from perfect, and to strive toward perfection would be a disservice. For the very invitation of our incarnation is to love ourselves as we are. Shitstorms and all. Weeping and laughing. Joy. Fear. Rage. Beauty. Tender hearts beating.

The new model for healing asks us to remember that what we are going through is not who we are. It demands that we reclaim the place inside that is sacred. 

It demands we know the Truth. 

So I ask you to remember the following:
You do not need to be fixed
You are not broken
You are not less than the person next to you

Instead, you are meant to be broken open. This is when things change.  A wonderful and simple practice on starting to shift your experience can be found here.

You are here learning your unique soul lessons, and The New Model of Healing is the place where the soul and the human self work together to transform our life. Why does this matter? Because our spiritual evolution is ultimately designed to allow all of our human struggles to surface so we can integrate them from a place of love, compassion, and empowerment.

We learn how to see through soul-centered eyes.
We climb the evolutionary rungs of the spiritual ladder.
From here, we live as the healers of our own life.

New Model of Healing

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