The Power of Your Intuition

Creator of The Power of Your Intuition, Lesley Wirth

Do you feel disconnected from your intuition?
Do you feel like it can’t be trusted?

You may have been through a traumatic relationship or experience.
Maybe you made the wrong choice in the past, and now you doubt yourself.

You may be surprised to hear that if simplify your relationship to your intuition, it will serve you powerfully.
The Foundations Program will
take you back to the basics and  empower you from the inside out.


I took The Power of Your Intuition because there have been pivotal moments in life when my intuition spoke, but I didn’t listen. I desperately wanted to change that, but didn’t know where to start. This course helped me pinpoint exactly what prevented me from having a confident relationship with my intuition, while helping me learn my body’s unique patterns of communication so that I can continue to grow intuitively. An additional bonus I simply have to mention - The Power of Your Intuition has quickly renewed my interest in learning about soul contracts and childhood wounds. Thank you, Lesley. I’m super grateful for you and for this course!

– Nikki Seay

As a Christian I was worried this may be too New Age for me, but Lesley does an excellent job of providing information that respects all faiths. I have noticed since finishing I am much more in tune with my intuition, and am so encouraged by that after such a short simple course!

– Liz S.

So far in my life I’ve felt a lot more challenged with intuition and receiving gut feelings than most people- despite my years of personal growth work. Most of the time, I couldn’t even feel my intuition at all. After decades of wishing this this would improve, I already see a shift, and I just finished the program! I get the strong feeling that as long as I continue to follow this process, I will be able to tune into my intuition easily at any given time- even at the times where I feel under pressure. Thank you for delivering this information in such an expert and succinct way, Lesley!

– Carrie

Lesley Wirth is astutely intuitive. She has sharp clairaudience and is able to receive clear and precise information from her own body and energy field. No one can teach how to develop self-awareness through connecting with one’s intuition unless they are experienced and skilled in these extra-sensory abilities themselves. She knows all the pitfalls to avoid and how to recognize the true inner-voice.

– Vaishanvi

Meet Lesley, Intuition Expert

“I know first-hand how important it is to access the Light when you are in the dark.”

-Lesley Wirth


My Story:

I have gone through times  in my life when I was stripped of everything. I lived through not knowing if my brain would ever work again or if my body could actually heal.  I have been turned away by those I trusted most and suffered betrayals that took me to my knees. All I had left was my intuitive guidance and Divine Grace to carry me through.

It was my destiny to learn a path of feminine awakening so that I would ultimately help others tap into the power of their spirit so they could receive the guidance they need. Like you, my intuition is my most valuable resource. Through my deep connection with God, my intuition serves as a powerful messenger when I need it most. This is what I want for you too.

My intuition has helped me:

    • Make High-level decisions in work, partnerships, and health.
    • Trust in my own spiritual connection and guidance- even when it does not match the masses or expert in front of me.
    • Hear and honor the messages of my body.
Lesley Wirth, influencer in the field of spiritual psychology and poetry

I learned how to hear and trust my own soul’s guidance.  With love, I now offer this signature process to you.

The Power of Your Intuition Signature Process

Power of Intuition Signature Process with Lesley Wirth

Where you will learn how to:

    • Open to higher levels of Grace
    • Cultivate your intuitive muscles
    • Tend to your human self (so she can heal)

This process is a roadmap for all women who want to heal through Divine Love.


 Is This My Fear, Or Is This My Intuition?

People will sell you generic answers to this question, but you deserve better than cookie-cutter answers. God speaks to you in the way that will reach you. Similarly, your intuition speaks to you in a way that is unique to you.

The Power of Your Intuition Foundations Program will help you identify the blocks and attachments that keep you stuck, while equipping you with the knowledge needed to grow intuitively.

As a doctor, I have studied many aspects of psychological and physical health, yet I found The Power of Your Intuition Foundations Program very enlightening. I was able to identify some blocks within myself and learn how to open to my intuition even more. I felt a deep resonance with Lesley’s wisdom- she clearly knows how to help people grow their intuition and their relationship to the Sacred.

– Robin Bissell MD

The Power of Your Intuition Foundations Course: A Beginners Guide to Understanding Intuition

 The foundations course is a two-part webinar you can participate in at your own pace. You will:

    • Learn how your unique intuition communicates with you.
    • Identify your attachments and unconscious patterns that block you from hearing and trusting your intuition.
    • Learn the basics needed to become capable of receiving higher guidance.