Write Yourself Free

Writer, feeler, and healer this is for you:

Welcome to your beautiful process of self-discovery, where you learn how to be guided from within.

Write Yourself Free is a simple, therapeutic writing process designed to bring light to your inner shadows in a joyful and irreverent way– because the truth is, healing doesn’t always have to be heavy! 

The Result?

The answers truly are inside, yet we all need a guide and a roadmap to get there. Write Yourself Free provides you the time and space to tap into the solutions, love, and upliftment you have been craving.

Topics include:

  • Soulful Self-worth
  • The Sweet Spot of Surrender
  • Truth be Told
  • Voice of Victory
  • Shine Anyway
Write Yourself Free

Honestly there is so much value in this process it stands alone as an entire workshop. But I want you to have access now, for free. Please accept this gift from my heart to yours.

Write Yourself Free helped me dive deep, and was a powerful and therapeutic writing process that pointed me clearly to my own inner guidance. I highly recommend this process.

– Lizandra