Our story is often our greatest teacher, as life weaves what we are meant to learn into our existence with great consideration. We come to discover that we are but mere players in the grand design of awakening.  And through our maturation, the qualities of humility, endurance, and resiliency start to dwell under our skin. In time we see the journey itself is alchemizing us, and our power comes in our ability to rise from the ashes the fire consummated. There is a beauty in this. An invocation of all things spiritual….


Let us remember that life is but a continual invitation to view our journey through the lens of spiritual growth. We need not control, but instead open to the lessons we came to learn. As we examine our personal journey and its common themes, we discover there is an invitation asking us to bring love and acceptance to our core “wounds” in this life. Our soul’s journey is but one of remembering who we are, and in that, we can alchemize and learn what we are not.

May we all come to understand we are sacred love at the core.

I realize this is no easy task. Nor am I interested in spiritual lingo that hides our humanity. Instead, I choose to wrap my human experience with Love. I remind myself there is a higher level of awareness that lives beyond the duality of right and wrong. I choose to live my life unlearning, so I am left with the truth of who I am.

My own journey is in full swing, and I too, have shit to contend with. Things I am on some level embarrassed about. Yet, I open my heart and ask Spirit to show me who I am over and over again. I refuse to live my life believing that if I need to be less human. I refuse to make myself smaller because of my coping mechanisms. No. I strive to open my heart to all of me. I pray. I sing. I live out loud. I do this because I know my humanness is sacred.

I believe we are here to shift our consciousness through opening our hearts as wide as we possibly can. This includes opening it to ourselves. I will stand for this so long as I can stand upright. And perhaps it is here, we have the opportunity to wake up together and walk with our heads held high.


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